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March 21, 2010

Unusual Scholarships for College

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unusualscholarshipsforcollege There are many well known scholarships available. We’ve all heard of some of them, like the Atlas Shrug Essay Contest, or various sports scholarships. The problem with the well known ones is that there are numerous applicants. By seeking out lesser known or unusual scholarships, we can gain a better advantage and increase the odds of getting a scholarship.

Finding some scholarships that everyone isn’t jumping on makes sense. Consider that people don’t want to bother with some of the smaller scholarships. Go for some of those.

How would you like to win money for college based on your name? That’s right; several schools have scholarships available for students with certain last names. Loyola University in Chicago awards money for the last name Zolp. Texas A&M University also has one for Scarpinato and North Carolina State University has one for Gatling (or Gatlin). Think that’s funny, even Harvard awards scholarships based on last names! If you are a Baxendale, Hudson, Thayer or Bright, Harvard may just have an award for you. How many more unusual scholarships are there?

Well, if you aren’t lucky enough to have one of the names listed above, then you can try some creativity scholarships. If you like to knit, try the National Make It Yourself Wool Competition. Contestants knit a garment that reflects their personality and style. Then they are judged on use of color, design, and creativity. If you can’t knit, that’s okay. You can always try the Duck Brand Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Contest. Contestants must enter as a couple and the winners receive $3,000 each. Applicants must send a picture of themselves at the prom wearing their duct tape outfits. Award is based on creativity, use of accessories, color, and even quantity of tape used.

If writing is your thing, try the J.D. Salinger award, inspired by the author of The Cather in the Rye. You can win a scholarship for four years at $25,000 a year for Ursinus College. Applicants are nominated by teachers and chosen based on a 10-15 page portfolio highlighting their “oddball genius.” Another writing scholarship is the Suessville, Oh, the Places You’ll Go, College Scholarship. Sponsored by Random House (the publishing company for the loveable Dr. Seuss books) applicants must write an essay answering the question listed on the website. The writing should relate to the book of the same name. If writing isn’t your thing you can try a scholarship in video, graphics, film or other media. The David Letterman Scholarship is awarded to an average student that demonstrates a creative mind.

Unusual scholarships can be a fantastic way to receive money to pay for college. There are several available in various categories including sports, writing, fashion, and even for physical characteristics. Finding these little known contests can be a great supplement for anyone seeking higher education. And most of them aren’t looking for the star quarterback or the valedictorian. They just want a normal every day person who has the ability to create something special. So, let your creativity shine and have fun while doing it. Don’t forget there are special ones also if you are applying to social work programs that are health oriented. There are also specific ones such as Epilepsy scholarships as well as Left Handed Scholarship opportunities.


  1. I think that more companies should come up with scholarships because it will be something that will get around the community and be like a contest. I am not sure why people always donate to charities that are so far away from local people they can help. How great would it be to know you sent a high school senior or a back to work single mom to social work grad school by giving out a scholarship.

    Comment by Nan — March 22, 2010 @ 6:13 pm

  2. I am a single mother and have decided to enter a MSW program. I am trying to locate scholarchips thay may help me.

    Comment by sandra — March 28, 2010 @ 8:23 pm

  3. It seems odd to have scholarships based on a certain last name, but maybe that is why these fall under the unusual scholarship category. Also I think it’s good that different types of foundations for diseases will give scholarships to those that have problems from these or family members that do.

    Comment by Arlene — April 24, 2010 @ 5:40 pm

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