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May 23, 2011

U Conn School Of Social Work

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The University of Connecticut School of Social Work offers Master of Social Work, joint master’s, and doctoral degrees in social work. Unless a student is in Advanced Standing, students must complete one year of foundation coursework and then choose an advanced concentration.

These advanced concentrations include Casework, Group Work, Community Organization, Policy Practice, and Social Work Administration. Students at the University of Connecticut School of Social Work must complete two 560-hour internships in field placements; the first of these is aimed to address a more generalist social work practice, and the second is meant to focus on the student’s major method concentration.

Students can complete these field placements in 28 weeks by working 20 hours each week; 37 weeks by working 15 hours each week; 16 weeks in the second summer by working 35 hours each week; or during evening and weekend hours as long as eight hours are spent at the agency between 9 Am and 5 PM.

The Employed Social Work Program allows students to complete one of two placements at the student’s place of employment if the student is already employed at a social work agency. Students interested in a dual degree can choose between Law, Business, and Public Health in conjunction with a Master of Social Work. Students can also choose to enter a partnership between Yale School of Divinity and the University of Connecticut School of Social Work.

University Of Connecticut School Of Social Work

The University of Connecticut School of Social Work’s doctoral program is comprised of a core curriculum, dissertation preparation, and electives. The doctoral program’s core curriculum focuses on research and statistics courses, while elective courses are much more flexible and are meant to cater toward the student’s area of interest. Doctoral students in social work must also complete a dissertation and defend it before faculty and peers.

The University of Connecticut School of Social Work sponsors many additional institutes, centers, and projects that students may participate in as a means of furthering their social work education. These include the Institute for Violence Prevention and Reduction, the Nancy A. Humphreys Institute for Political Social Work, the Center for International Social Work Studies, and the Puerto Rican & Latino Studies Project.

The University of Connecticut also offers the STEP program, the Staff Training and Education for the Profession, which allows potential students to earn credits and professional training toward a degree prior to admission.

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