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August 6, 2012

The Untethered Soul And True Freedom

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I have been fortunate to attend a number of Michael Singer’s talks over the years and he was interviewed today by Oprah. He discussed on the show, some of the points in his book, The Untethered Soul. I recommend this to all my clients as a way to really get to the root of inner disturbances. The discussion on the video is about how we can deal with a thorn that disturbs us by protecting it and trying to get the world to not touch it (usually through various forms of manipulation). Or we can pull it out. When we are honest, we admit that so many times we have tacit agreements with others about things that they shouldn’t mention about us and that we reciprocally will never mention about them in terms of our various sensitivities. However, this then means that we build our lives around not ever getting rid of these underlying issues

You can see the whole interview here:

Oprah Interview with Michael Singer

On her site, he also a few days ago mentioned some important points to think about:

” Realize that you’re always trying to be okay. At any point when you look at the state
of your inner being, you will see that something is bothering you. You will then notice
that this causes urges, drives and impulses to do something about it. You will find
yourself constantly trying to either get something or avoid something. All of this is
done in an attempt to be okay.”

“Realize that your mind has taken on the job of figuring out how everything
needs to be for you to be okay. If you watch, you will see that your mind is always
telling you what you should and should not do, what others should and should not do,
and how things should and should not be. All of this is the mind’s attempt to first
create a conceptual model of what would make you okay, and then try to get the outside
world to match it.”

He talks a lot about how to let go by sitting in the inner fire. His book “The Untethered Soul” is here on amazon:

I think that his points about being comfortable with what’s uncomfortable and learning to sit and relax when you are in pain are very important. We are always trying to change the external situation or to make things the way we want them. We constantly try to change the externals but try to just sit in something that is an unpleasant state-ie jealousy, sadness or disappontment and let your body relax. Obviously, it is harder to relax when things aren’t going our way.

But, if we keep erecting distractions and ways to divert ourselves, we are involved in a constant cover up or a life of manipulation. His ideas are radical because most teachings do not go into the importance of sitting in the burning of our assumptions. Michael points out it is the pain that ends all pain and dying of the ego opens the light to much more than our usual routines.

Many of my clients appreciate examining their lives at this level.

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