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December 26, 2011

Tennessee Social Work Programs

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tennessee social work schools The University Of Tennessee College Of Social Work is one of several social work programs located in Tennessee. The Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSSW) program is targeted toward undergraduate students who are interested in a generalist social work program. Requirements for the BSSW program at UT College of Social Work include 60 hours of general education, 45 hours of social work credit, and 15 hours of electives.

BSSW students have the option of studying or earning certification in school social work, gerontology, veterinary social work, and child welfare. Bachelor’s degree students are also required to take a Comprehensive Assessment in social work as part of a required seminar class. An honors program is also offered to BSSW students who are dedicated to the advancement of social work as well as their careers.

The Master of Science in Social Work (MSSW) offered at UT is for graduate students interested in advancing their social work careers through more extensive education of the social work field. The full time program is typically completed in two years; the advanced standing program for students with a Bachelor of Social Work degree can be completed in three semesters; and the extended study program is built for social work students who must take classes part time as a result of work or family situations. It isn’t easy to balance many aspects of one’s life at once, but the goal is worth it.

A distance education program is also offered for advanced standing, full-time, and extended study graduate students. Students can select a concentration in Evidence-based Interpersonal Practice for clinical work with individuals, families, or groups, or Management, Leadership, or Community Practice for focusing on underlying community or societal problems. MSSW students must also complete a field practice as determined by the UT Social Work program, typically two days each week during semesters. The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) with a major in Social Work program requires that applicants have a Master’s degree as well as a 3.00 GPA. Doctoral students must complete a predetermined amount of required coursework, advanced electives, and dissertation research. PhD students must also pass a comprehensive examination and defend a dissertation in an approved area of study.

Middle Tennessee State University offers a Bachelor of Social Work program and a Master of Social Work program. The BSW program trains social workers for entry-level positions and requires that candidates complete 16 courses in social work, including two semesters of field placements and a seminar during the senior year. Students must complete the social work program with at least a 2.0 GPA and a total of 120 credit hours as well. A certification in school social work is offered by the BSW program and requires the successful completion of four additional courses.

The Master of Social Work (MSW) program targets students interested in advanced generalist social work practice, which trains students to work in a variety of social work positions rather than positions addressing only clinically- or policy-oriented. MTSU offers both full time and part-time programs depending on the individual student’s needs. Interested applicants should take note that the social work program offered through MTSU is in the process of being accredited, but is currently going through accreditation. This process will likely not be completed until the spring of 2013.

The East Tennessee State University offers a Bachelor of Social Work degree as well as a Master of Social Work. The BSW program aims to help students gain skills necessary for entry-level positions in generalist social work. The BSW curriculum at ETSU consists of general education courses as well as those specific to social work. BSW students must complete a field education placement of 36 hours per week for one semester.

MSW students at ETSU can complete their MSW degree within two years, if going to school full time, or within three semesters if entering the advanced standing program. The MSW program requires field placements for graduates, typically including 16 hours per week for the first (foundation) year and 24 hours per week for the second (concentration) year. MSW field placements often require more advanced social work skills and prepare students for long term social work career placement. MSW students have the opportunity to apply for the Tennessee Child Welfare Certification Program, which recruits students earning an MSW to commit to working in the area of child welfare within the state of Tennessee following graduation. These students are given a stipend to cover tuition and funds in exchange for their commitment to work in the area of child welfare.

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