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June 3, 2009

Social Work Programs: A Rewarding Choice

Yesterday was a very rewarding day at work and if you have been exploring social work programs for yourself or a friend with visual impairment, you can hear the audio below discussing the opportunities:

If you have a disability, the programs are very accomdating.:


May 6, 2009

Social Work Programs: On Becoming a Therapist

When I was a teen I had a close friend who went to counseling and seemed to really benefit. She had a lot of tension with her mother. I always liked literature for the in-depth analysis of human motivation. My high school didn’t have psychology courses so it really was in reading literature that deeper questions about analyzing one’s family relationships, understanding love and looking at depression were studied. Of course, my own self-reflections since being a kid and talks with my friends also were the beginnings of my interest in becoming a therapist. (more…)

April 11, 2009

Welcome to Social Work Programs

Hi Everyone,

I’m a licensed social worker in Florida (LCSW) and I also am a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Originally I received my clinical social work degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It was a wonderful place to live and there was some very interesting courses I took that looked at human motivation and counseling techniques.

The blog is to discuss various social work programs, online courses, continuing ed classes and various issues that come up in the field. By the way, if you are in Florida , March 31, 2009 was the renewal date for┬ámost licensed social workers. If you’ve missed it, contact the Florida Board as you still can renew your license. You also were required to get 30 continuing education credits in order to renew the license as well.

I have a strong interest in ways of incorporating meditation, simple breathing techniques and yoga into client work and hope to get into this as well in the blog.

If you are a student, you can save on some books below or find licensing review courses at discounts:

Also if you are job hunting, do not let it get you too stressed out. The economy is not good now, but health care including mental health is an important priority now.

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