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October 10, 2009

April 14, 2009

Social Work and the Economy

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Mental health counselors including social workers, marriage and family counselors and licensed mental health counselors are expected to do well no matter what happens in the economy. Health care is something that is always needed and this also pertains to psychological issues. There is a lot of stress in our society and this is visible in the violence we see in the news daily after someone loses their job or has lost a relationship. We need to be able to bring healthier coping strategies into society and pass these on to people.

Sadly, there seems to be a lot more incidents of violence in the school system. This may be due in part to economic pressures though often they involve a romantic situation and self-esteem issue too. Social workers for crisis situation are needed more than ever now and are often brought in to situations so those who know the victims can process their emotions.

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