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June 14, 2012

Managing Stress Between Sessions

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stress problems We lead very hectic lives today, despite having many conveniences. Most of us rush from work to the store to complete shopping after work, care for kids, cook and then rush back again to work the next day. No one really has the time to relax and unwind it seems because of both the practical necessities and our responses to them. This will eventually lead to fatigue, body aches and a range of health problems. Many people will try to periodically see a masseuse, take yoga or have chiropractic treatments that help to reduce the stress and stress-related health problems. However, many people can’t afford to do so and classes in south florida for yoga are seventeen dollars a session often.

In between regular appointments, many people feel that they lapse back into unhealthy eating, tiredness and stress. They come back to the chiropractor saying, “Oh, I felt so good just after one session but it was a bad week and now everything is aching again.” This can be very frustrating for the practitioner as well as the patient. (more…)

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