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May 20, 2012

The Relation Between Drug Use And Mental Illness

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drug use and mental illness1 In 2002, it was noted that more than 4 million adults in the US had a serious drug addiction along with some form of mental condition. Researchers noted that existing undiagnosed mental condition could result in a patient into using drugs due to poor mental coordination and disorganized emotional processing. It was also noted that long term use of drugs along with contributing genetic and environmental factors could result in physical and psychological changes that manifest as mental illnesses.

Almost every drug has some side effects. Researchers already know that prolonged or long term use of psychostimulants will alter the state of the mind especially in patients who have undiagnosed bipolar disorders. The drugs can exacerbate the symptoms resulting in dangerous behavior in the individual. A large range of recreational drugs are also known to cause a similar problem. Drugs that are known to induce states such as paranoia or possible hallucinations include amphetamine, cocaine, cannabis, LSD and ketamine. (more…)

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