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November 18, 2011

States Hiring Social Workers

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states hiring socialworkersFortunately for social workers, social work jobs are quite available in all states due to the high degree of flexibility within the social work career as well as relatively low reimbursement rates. Many organizations are realizing that social workers are a wise choice in terms of hiring, as they are a relatively affordable commodity with a wide range of experience and knowledge, as well as an ability and desire to work with communities and families.

However, in terms of which states are best for hiring social workers, it depends on the background of the social worker and which field he or she is entering. For social workers entering the mental health field, New York and Minnesota are two states that reportedly have some of the best opportunities for psychiatric social work positions.

Mental health hospitals, which often employ social workers to work with patients and families, are ranked each year nationally, and the best ones are most often in New England. For example, Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and New York-Presbyterian University Hospital are both highly regarded for quality of mental health treatment, which is linked to the number of social work positions available to work with patients and families. Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, also regularly ranks in the top few psychiatric hospitals in the country in terms of quality of care.

For social workers wanting to work in welfare and social services, several states advertise positions. Michigan, for example, was recruiting 500 social workers in early 2011 to work in the child welfare department in an effort to improve its services available to the community. California as well is determined to hire additional social workers for its public assistance department. The Washington, DC, metro area is another area within the United States that advertises lots of opportunities for social workers at both the local and federal levels in a variety of settings.

Each state can also be checked by sites like or at craigslist. You can look in the mental health section of the site as well as administration. There are also sites including that allow you to post your resume. Check the local colleges near your home as they often have bulletin boards where jobs are posted.

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