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September 25, 2010

Social Work PRN: Temporary Work for Social Workers

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socialworkprnSocial Work PRN is a professional social work company. Their nationwide organization provides temporary staffing, permanent placement, training, education, and even franchising opportunities. Their customers are medical and behavioral care facilities, addiction centers, outpatient, and day treatment programs. When employees need to take vacations or are on leave, this is a way to hire temporary staff so that services can be continued to clients and patients.

Temporary jobs in social work aren’t easy to find and this organization is trying to fill this gap.

Joan Upshaw created this company with specific core values. This company believes that businesses are built on the foundation of relationships. Though there are temp jobs often for other professions, this isn’t found easily for the social work field. is designed for this purpose.

The temporary staffing helps fill personnel gaps during transitions by supplying a social worker with a background that can fill in at work. Also it can be used to test out someone on a temporary basis and this can transition into a full-time permanent position. The organization can also be utilized to do both screening and interviewing. Other services they provide include training sessions and seminars for staff.

If you are looking for work but have a schedule that makes you only available for part-time work, this may fill the gap. You can check to see if there is an office in their area which includes areas of South Florida, Atlanta, Baltimore ,Washington DC ,Boston ,Chicago ,Denver ,Houston, Jackson ,Kansas City ,New Hampshire, Vermont, New Jersey, New Orleans, NY, Phoenix, St Louis and Philadelphia. It can also be a way to test out other settings such as schools, hospitals and community agencies to see if you want to expand your specialization as a social worker.

They also offer ceu classes on various topics such as Clients Living with HIV/AIDS, Social Work Ethics and Working with the Grieving. They franchise as well so if you are an entrepreneur with a MSW that is another area to explore. This would involve networking with organizations, rehab centers and many types of mental health resources.


  1. Good to to know that social work is also getting into the temp job area. This is really nice because some people want part-time work and can fill in when people take vacations. I am near Denver so will check out what is there. Thanks for the social work prn resource.

    Comment by Joseph — October 1, 2010 @ 3:23 pm

  2. Oh thanks for mentioning this. I like the idea of trying a few different temp jobs in social work as I am trying to find my niche and am torn between a few specializations and settings.

    Comment by Randy — October 3, 2010 @ 11:05 am

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