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April 14, 2009

Social Work Licensing Exam Test

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My friend is taking the social work licensing exam test again next week. She failed it the first time by 2 points. OUCH. The advice she had from someone was to not over think things. Because she had worked for a few years in a mental health clinic before getting her degree, she has a lot of experience and brings more to the questions than they assume. Unfortunately, this can work against you when you are taking the exam to get the social work license! If she doesn’t pass this time, she said she’ll get an online licensing prep course or buy some dvds to study. I took a prep class in Florida in 1999 when I moved here. At that time you also had to pass the Florida Laws and Rules exam too. I took a separate class for that. Happily, I did pass each test first time.

Shortly after I passed the Florida Laws and Rules, they did eliminate that test though! I remember when I took the licensing exam test on the computer that I did some breathing exercises to help me both with focus and to stay balanced. Do a little stretching, walking , breathing or meditation that morning. Also, listen to something calming in the car ride. The multiple choice questions I found that were hard were the ones that gave you the option of answer b or answer b, c and d. You know one is right for sure. Are the other ones though partially right or relevant? You can find some bargains here if there is no local class in your area to prepare for the sw licensing exam. Also I’ve found therapy books that I’ve liked here at low prices. The favorite ones I like now are “My Stroke of Insight” and “Loving What Is” as well as “The Untethered Soul”.


  1. I never would’ve passed the exam unless I took a study course. I think it was the one by aatbs above. They seemed to know what was important to focus on. I work at a community mental health clinic now.

    Comment by Sue — April 15, 2009 @ 6:18 pm

  2. It took me a few times to pass. I also used a home study guide. I forgot which one. It helped because I over analyze everything. It was one of the ones above with flash cards. I know my friend up north didn’t have to even take a licnesing exam so each state must be different.


    Comment by Liz — April 22, 2009 @ 2:21 am

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