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January 18, 2010

Social Work Job: Part-Time Work

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I wanted to mention that I have a part-time assistant but am also looking for another person or two for a few hours a week that has a master’s degree in social work or mental health counseling and enjoys working with individuals, couples or family with issues related to depression, anxiety and psychological issues.

UPDATE: October 2, 2010 I am looking for one more person as someone that worked for me through the summer went back to school. It is probably only a few hours of work a week but I wanted to put it out here. I know jobs are hard to find and that not all social work jobs are ideal.

The job involves doing some writing on mental health topics that I'll use on this blog or other sites. It may just be a few hours here and there so it's best if you have already a job or are currently job hunting for a social work job or position in mental health. If you've worked with a wide variety of mental health issues in an agency or mental health clinic that would be ideal. Or if you're a good researcher let me know as well.

You can write me at hbrown98 @ (please put together as I don't want spam) to tell me your social work experience and background. I have a job counseling so give me a few days to reply. I realize jobs are very competitive and I thought I could offer a few hours of p/t work to 1-2 readers of this blog.

If you have background working with bipolar, adjustment disorders and other areas in mental health, let me know. Also any work that involved assisted living facilities, nursing home social workers etc would be of interest due to the articles on the senior citizen population.

Employers do browse the job sites and my friend found a job working at an eating disorder clinic this way. Be sure to include info from your internship as well as your own personal interest in the area that you apply in. When I first was job hunting after social work school, I had writtent that I've been very interested in nutrition since teenage years and this helped me to connect with my boss.

I also found a job when I attended a local NASW meeting. At the end, we each went around the room and gave a one minute intro. I mentioned at the end of mine that I was looking for some part-time work counseling. Someone came up to me afterwards who worked at an assisted facility but was going on vacation for a month and asked if I could substitute for her. I ended up getting some hours when she returned and it was a very good experience.

I was told by a blog reader about data entry jobs here which might give some interim local work.

Even if you don't go to NASW meetings, you should still look at the local chapter newsletters as these include job listings often. Dennis mentioned this and I checked mine and saw some listed.

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  1. When I first got out of school I found a job counseling kids at a youth center online at a job site so I know at least my old boss used that method to find employees. He wasn’t someone that liked the phone. Also sometimes the NASW newsletter lists social work jobs in their print newsletter section in the back. If you need a supervisor you can usually look there too to find one.

    Comment by Dennis — January 18, 2010 @ 1:19 pm

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