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February 12, 2011

Social Work Job Descriptions

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social work job descriptionsSocial work involves working within a counseling capacity as well as advocating for people of various stages in life. The social worker job description is multi-faceted as there are many roles within society where their expertise is needed. Each role plays an integral part of a functioning society. Social worker qualifications depend upon education and specialized training such as the BSW, MSW of DSW (doctorate in social work or PhD). Working with individual and families to improve relationships , reduce depression and address issues of substance abuse or violence is part of many social workers job descriptions. There are also positions that will assist people to get basic needs including medical help, housing and to improve daily functioning.

Within the social worker profession some will specialize to work with the elderly. These jobs are found in nursing homes, assisted living facilites and retirement facilities. Most times these positions will require that close relationships be formed so that an elderly patient feels secure. This social worker job description includes dealing with end of life issues and counseling, not only with an elderly patient, but with their families as well. Knowing how to deal with finances might be useful for assisting with wills and other matters concerning money handling. Loneliness, fears about vision and physical limitiations as well as unresolved issues with children are also part of the counseling process. Social work and the elderly counseling makes a clear difference to residents in these communities.

Social Work Jobs With Children


Those who find themselves drawn to children services may find that they’ve always wante to become a school social worker. Courses in one’s bsw or msw program will help one learn skills as well as theory for connecting to students. One may also get their field placement in a setting with children. The job of a school social worker includes serving as a liaison between the parents, child and school. Primarily, the job function of a school social worker is to advocate for what is in the best interest of the child’s education and well being. Also, putting a child’s personal growth a development first must be a priority. Dealings with truancy and childhood behavioral issues are common. Teen pregnancy is one issue that these types of jobs are handling on a consistent basis. Confidentiality rules must be studied closely to both warn parents of any dangers as well as to grow the trust with a teenage client. Also, you can work with clients at an agency position where you will do individual, family and marital counseling.

Advocacy , Education and Research

There are some careers that focus on advocacy, education and research. Some of these positions are reached after a social worker has worked for many years within the client-based services. They involve work with larger entities like corporations, non-profit agencies and government offices. Certain research positions may require a doctorate degree in social work. In many masters in social work programs, you can also specialize in administration and there are positions you can move into right away with the msw degree. Teaching jobs in the social work field both online as well as at university settings are very fulfilling.

Some businesses that have a large employee base require many needs that are within a social worker’s expertise. This may be called a human resource specialist and is best served by someone trained to deal with relations between company and employee. A human resources social worker is responsible for seeing that employees are educated of their rights, including available benefits and steps to solving disputes between employees or between employees and employer. Business social worker job descriptions will vary across business types, but most are available for counseling and advice concerning issues on and off the job. Many times an employee will be able to function better on the job if his personal issues are handled correctly with the human resources social worker.

This does not exhaust all the possibilities in the mental health field as there are positions including medical social workers, hospice msw jobs and crisis intervention social work positions. The field is expanding each day and there are many jobs in a variety of settings.

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  1. The school social worker helped my daughter when she was dealing with rejection by other children. She helped her self-esteem and I’m happy to say that the counseling made a difference in her life. I just read that they are trying to cut out social workers from school budgets which would be a bad mistake.

    Comment by Andrew S — February 14, 2011 @ 1:43 pm

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