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January 4, 2010

Social Work Forums: How Do They Work

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socialworkforum A social work forum is basically an online social network of people involved in the social work field or those considering it as a career themselves. The message boards are monitored by employees who make sure that the communication stays within acceptable perimeters. These sites are a great way to stay abreast to new ideas in the area of social work as well as a way to remain social and get into issues with others with a bsw, msw or dsw degree. They are usually designed in order to connect like-minded people who want to share information.

What is Offered on an online forum? Some sites have more to offer than others but the following are a few things commonly offered by the social network of a forum:

An active, participant-rich online community of social workers
Bi-weekly moderated chats on assorted social work topics
Organized and monitored bulletin boards
Weekly email with chat topics and screened, related web links
A Monthly newsletter
Colleagues and peers to trade ideas with in the comfort of your own home
An accessible way of getting ongoing professional advice and education

Some sites offer ways to actually find work by offering ways to get in touch with potential employers. There are “live chats” that can occur during scheduled times where members of the group can actually talk in real time as their conversations are instantly messaged. Membership is usually free and only requires an email to join.

Discussion Topics

Topics include introductions of forum participants as well as introductions to the staff who manage the chat room. Online forums that deal specifically with social work topics include salary range, schools, conferences, continuing education classes, issues with clients, social work theory and practice, alternative approaches with clients, new technology, recent research and much more. There can also be discussions about the relation of mental health issues and prescription medications for depression, dealing with dual diagnosis issues, probabation clients and other related topics.

Many sites allow members to start their own discussion topics while the still allow non-members to read the posts. The discussion topics can be a resource to people wanting to merely learn about what is happening in the realm of social work or it can be a way to connect people who can help one another establish successful careers. It's also valuable for increasing one's knowlege-base, dealing with social work burnout issues and sharing daily issues both from the workplace as well as on a personal level.

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