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May 7, 2011

Selecting A Graduate Program For Social Work

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“Guide to Selecting and Applying to Master of Social Work Programs” by Jesus Reyes, AM, ACSW, is a useful way to prepare for a Masters Degree in Social Work. Reyes is a former admissions director of the University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration who is now giving tips and hints on how to choose a social work school, and how to improve your chances of getting into your social work school of choice. This school has been rated one of the top social work schools for social work year after year.

Reyes’ begins by including a comprehensive Table of Contents that clearly organizes information into sections entitled, “What Applicants Should Look for in Schools,” “What Schools Look for in Applicants,” and “Sources for your Search.” The first part of Reyes’ guide explains how to begin looking at social work programs by giving specific criteria to evaluate them. He also includes various aspects of the social work career and characteristics of the social work perspective. Reyes also includes a step-by-step method of how to evaluate Master of Social Work programs in this initial section.

In the second part of Reyes’ book, which elaborates on what schools are looking for in potential Master of Social Work students, Reyes gives more information about his own experiences and perspective as an admissions counselor to advise students about what to include (and not include) in admissions applications. Finally, Reyes includes various types of appendices of resources for those interested in applying to Master of Social Work programs. These appendices include lists to study of accredited MSW programs, interview tips, and a worksheet to help begin writing a personal statement (which many, if not all, programs require for admission).

Guide to Selecting and Applying to Master of Social Work Programs is a great tool to use for both mid-life career changers and for young adults recently graduated from, or preparing for graduation from, college. This book is also helpful for those who have been in a social work career for a long time, but want to obtain a Master of Social Work in order to enhance their credentials and expand options in the field.

Overall, Reyes has compiled a thorough and incredibly useful book that serves as an efficient way to help those interested in applying to graduate social work programs learn the “ins and outs” of graduate school applications. You can find out more about it below.

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