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March 13, 2011

Scholarships For Single Dads

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scholarships for single dads Single dads are modern day heroes. Like many single moms, single fathers are responsible for the health and welfare of their children, but many have forgone their college education in favor of working to earn a decent living. Like any individual, single dads are entitled to the same educational opportunities but often lack the funds to pursue higher education. Fortunately, scholarships for single dads are available to eligible candidates who want to earn a bachelor’s degree and take a step towards better employment, child care, housing and education.

State and Private University Scholarship Grants

A number of universities offer scholarships for single dads, though the selection process depends greatly on financial status. In Utah, the Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business has the BYU Marriott School Single Parent Scholarship, which extends financial aid to single fathers who have been accepted into the Marriott School and do not remarry for the duration of their course. The University of Wisconsin Eau Claire offers the Richard and Joan Fleming Single Parent Scholarship to single fathers and students of nontraditional age. Emporia State University in Kansas offers the Single Parents with Children Scholarship to single fathers, as well as divorced or widowed parents who are enrolled as either undergraduates or graduate students.

Federal Pell Grants

The U.S. Department of Education issues federal Pell Grants as scholarships for single dads. These are always based on need, and may be used to defray the costs of certain postgraduate or undergraduate programs offered by accredited universities. There are specific income qualification standards that applicants must not exceed, which are determined based on certain factors such as financial standing, family size, and the school of choice by the single parent. Typical federal Pell grants do not exceed $5,550 per issuance, as provided by the Department of Education in late 2010.

Child Care Grants

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Cabinet for Families and Children distributes child care grants as scholarships for single dads who need child care assistance so that they may work or attend school. In order to quality for child care grants, single fathers must fall within income restrictions. Household size helps determine these block grants, which may only be used at accredited, state-licensed child care facilities.

More Scholarships For Single Dads

Don’t forget that single dads also fall under the category of single parents. There are also specific types of scholarships for single mothers available. There are also various unusual college scholarships as well as scholarships for lefties available.

Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund

Single fathers in Arkansas are fortunate to have access to the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund. This scholarship for single dads and moms provides financial assistance to single parents who have custody of at least one child that child is 18 years old or younger. The scholarship fund only accepts single dads who have not previously completed a bachelor’s degree and who fall within the qualifying income bracket. The awards per individual vary from county to county, which each have their own additional eligibility requirements.

Housing and Urban Development Grants

Single dads, more than anything, want to provide safe housing for their families; this is obviously the most costly expense that a single father will experience. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development makes certain grant programs available to single fathers, which can help offset the costs of house rental, home purchase, or home repairs. These federally-funded grants may be availed of by applicants whose household income falls within the limitations set by the state in which they live. Only U.S. citizens may qualify for these grants, and may only spend for the rental, purchase, or repair of the primary homes.

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