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May 14, 2010

Scholarships for Minority Women

scholarshipsforminoritywomen The US government offers a number of grants and scholarships for the females This situation is difficult in the case of minority women who although often very talented and intelligent may be left behind due to lack of resources . Many minority women drop out of school or college because of lack of funds or because of the lack of knowledge about the available funds. There are many grants, scholarships, funds available from college, universities and government programs from both public and private sources.

Federal Pell grants are an important area to pursue. This scholarship is awarded by U.S department of education. This is very helpful for women who want to pursue a bachelors degree and trying to get started. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Program (FSEOG) provides scholarships for low income under grad students. Academic competitive grants are available for a maximum of two years.

There are various private and public funds set up for scholarships for minority women. Margret McNamara memorial fund is available for international women who were born before 1970. This fund gives opportunties to women from third world countries. This fund is a part of World Bank. This scholarship is given to women who are over 25 and demonstrate a history of service working with women and children in their country of origin.

The American Association of University offers selected professional scholarships for African American women for graduate and postgraduate courses. The emphasis is given on professional courses such as law, business fields, and medical areas. To receive this scholarship you must be enrolled in a full time program. Nonprofit organizations such as world encourage work and education among the minority groups. This organization offers scholarships for graphic arts, paintings, photography activity, furniture design, and other creative types of individuals. The scholarships can be as high as up to $6000. Minority women can also receive scholarship funding from the United Negro College fund (UNCF) and Hispanic college fund. Women interested in nursing can apply for scholarships in nursing foundations. AICPA offers scholarships to minority students in accounting.

Various business organizations and private sponsors also offer scholarships to minority women. Many local and regional organizations offer grant money. Contac the Chamber of Commerce and the local municipal offices as well as various private organizations to get more information on these scholarships. Check the newspapers to see where there are corporate scholarship dinners to get an idea of local companies that donate money. They may have a college fund or think of setting one up. You don’t have to pay a fee to get information as you can find it via guidance offices, financial aid offices, online and through your local library. There are also books at Barnes and Nobles that cover scholarship funding sources but look at the most recent ones to determine the deadlines as these change. You can also read specifically on social work scholarships as well as scholarships for single mothers .


  1. A couple of other minority scholarships my friend told me about are the Hispanic Scholarships from State Farm Insurance company and also Urban League Scholarships from Gilette. I think it’s worth it to spend a few weekends just filling out a bunch of them because it helps your odds and they can be complimentary to each other. I’m only 16 but will go to school and make it.

    Comment by Letecia — May 17, 2010 @ 12:42 am

  2. I received Pell Grant money and it made a difference in my education. It would’ve taken me a lot longer to finish school otherwise. I am so glad these programs are available and I hope I can qualify for grad school funding too.

    Comment by Kendra — May 23, 2010 @ 12:24 am

  3. It is a little hard to figure out who qualifies for a minority woman scholarship now because we live in such a multiculture society. My dad is from India and my mom is from Spain. I am not sure if I qualify but this is good information to have and I will fill out some apps this summer.

    Comment by Joy — June 1, 2010 @ 4:00 pm

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