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June 22, 2011

Rutgers School Of Social Work

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The Rutgers School of Social Work offers several different social work degrees, for both undergraduates and graduate students. The Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) prepares undergraduates for social work practice in a generalist social work setting. Students must complete 60 hours of coursework before they can be admitted into the school at the beginning of their junior year. A grade-point average of 3.0 is required. Graduates of the BASW program often continue after they have graduated to earn a Master of Social Work (MSW) degree.

The Rutgers School of Social Work MSW program prepares students to serve as social workers in a variety of settings following graduation. Full-time students typically earn their MSW in two years, while part-time students can earn the degree in four years. Unlike some other MSW programs, Rutgers School of Social Work does not require a GRE (Graduate Record Examination) score for application. Rather, applicants are encouraged to have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0. MSW students must complete 30 hours of foundational coursework before choosing a concentration of either Clinical Social Work or Nonprofit and Public Management.

MSW students also have the opportunity to earn certificates in Aging, Violence Against Women and Children, or Jewish Studies. These certificates allow students to be eligible for certain scholarships, a specialized field placement, and a network of peers and professionals who share interests. Advanced standing students who have earned a baccalaureate degree in social work are required to begin coursework in the summertime and begin a field placement. Advanced standing students typically complete the MSW program in about one year.

Diverse Programs At Rutgers School Of Social Work

The Intensive Weekend Program offered by Rutgers allows students to complete courses in one 3-day weekend and one 2-day weekend, which is accommodating to those with typically work schedules. All MSW students must complete social work field placements during the years they are enrolled at Rutgers, which may include placement at a wide variety of types of settings. Students enrolled in the MSW program also have the opportunity to earn dual degrees in the law or divinity programs. Students in the MSW program complete a total of 1125 hours in field placement split between their first and second years. Advanced standing students are required to complete 885 hours of field work.

Rutgers School of Social Work also offers a PhD program in social work. Applicants to the doctoral program must have completed the GRE and must have earned either an MSW or closely related degree. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree interested in earning their PhD in social work have the opportunity to apply for a joint MSW/PhD degree. Those students are enrolled full-time, have a field placement during the summer, and begin taking PhD courses during their second year in the MSW program.

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