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February 6, 2011

Online MSW Programs

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online msw programs Once you make the decision to pursue a career in Social Work the next big question is: where will I get my degree? You may already be working full or part-time, be a busy parent, or just like spending time in your pajamas. If these scenarios sound like you, consider getting your Master’s in Social Work online. There are a number of programs available to suit your Social Work interests and enable you to take control of the time and place of your schooling while getting the MSW degree.

One of the many benefits of completing your Masters in Social Work online is the fact that you can attend any school in the nation without living near the campus. If you live in Michigan, you can obtain your Master’s in Social Work from a University in California. This is especially beneficial for individuals who live in rural areas.
When searching for your perfect Master of Social Work online program, it is important to research whether the program requires any “residency hours”. Residency hours are the number of hours the program requires you to attend lectures or take exams on school grounds. No residency means that the school does not require you to ever set foot on campus. Limited residency describes a program where you are required to attend weekend or week-long seminars on campus. Substantial residency describes programs that require an extended amount of time on campus, typically an entire semester.

There are a number of Master of Social Work programs online that are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. When researching individual schools, please ensure that the school is fully accredited. This will enable you to obtain full licensure upon program completion. You may also be thinking…will an employer hire someone with a Master’s of Social Work online degree? The answer is, usually their main concern is about the school being legitimate and accredited. Again, just make sure that the school you choose is fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.

Just like in-person Master of Social Work programs, the online programs described below are typically divided into Advanced Standing and Regular Track programs. Advanced Standing programs are for individuals who already have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. The Regular Track programs are appropriate for individuals coming from varying educational backgrounds. Here are a few descriptions of the many online Master of Social Work programs available to work from home. Keep in mind you will also have group projects you’ll be doing with other online together.

Texas State University

The Part-Time Regular Track requires 62 credits and will typically be completed in 3 years of part-time study. There is also an Advanced Standing program for individuals with a Bachelor of Social Work which requires 36 credits and takes 2 years of part-time study to complete.

University of North Dakota

Individuals with a Bachelor’s in Social Work can complete the online program in two years and this track only requires one on-campus visit. If you do not have your Bachelor’s in Social Work, the Regular Track program is comprised of 60 credits and typically takes three years to complete. This track requires two on-campus visits.

University of New England

New England also offers a program for individuals with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and a program for those coming from other areas of study.

Florida State University

This program is aimed for individuals who have their Bachelor of Social Work or who are transferring from another Master of Social Work program. This program typically takes five to six semester of part-time study to complete. This program is available to individuals from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota.

These are just a few of the many fully accredited online Master of Social Work programs available across the country. You can get the MSW and accomplish your Masters of Social Work degree while being integrated with the rest of your life. Take your time when researching schools and ensure that it is a fully accredited institution. This will enable you to be able to apply for licensure upon completion of your degree after fulfilling the requirements for field placement or internships that are listed by the school.

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