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December 9, 2011

How To Research A Social Work Paper

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writing social work paper Social work is an area that falls in the academic arena of the social sciences, which requires lots of research in order to compile an efficient and applicable report that is both interesting and relevant to the reader. The following guidelines can serve as basic directions for assembling a social work report.

Organization is important both in terms of time management and the way your report is structured. Set aside an area where there are few distractions and where resources are accessible. Make sure you take the time to list out the different steps you plan to take in order to compile your report, such as writing your thesis, gathering information from various journals and resources, completing the research, summarizing data, and other steps in between. This will help anyone writing a social work report not only complete the report in a systematic manner, but will produce a final product that is organized and easy to read and understand.

Know your research methods

A social work report typically includes at least a summary of previously completed research, depending on the topic, so any social work writer should have a basic knowledge of research methods and how to gain access to research through the internet or library databases. Social workers writing reports must know the difference, for example, between experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental research.

Address ethical issues

No matter the subject of a social work report, ethical issues must be addressed. These can consist from issues involving recruitment of research participants, motivation for participation in a study, and many other aspects of social work research. One of the integral issues of social work is preserving the dignity of the individual, and any social worker writing a report must address relevant ethical issues.

Be a stickler for grammar

Though content is essential, proper grammar is equally necessary in order for the completion of a social work report. Use a basic English grammar guide if necessary, and make sure that there is consistent noun/pronoun agreement and avoid the passive tense, where possible. Once your report is finished, have other professionals proofread the report to double-check for errors. Read the report out loud and pay attention to any areas that sound awkward. Readers will be more likely to finish reading your report if it flows well and consists of proper grammar.

Use proper citations and references

Most social science papers use the American Psychological Association (APA) format to organize documents, including spacing, citations, and references. It is important to use the latest edition, as styles change quickly, as well as adhere closely to style guidelines. Other style manuals include the Chicago Manual of Style and Modern Language Association (MLA) if you decide not to use APA format.

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