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February 12, 2010

How to Become a Social Worker

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howtobecomeasocialworker Have you ever wondered about how people become qualified to work in a counseling or mental health administration capacity at schools, hospitals and clinics, department of children and family services,
homes or mental health centers, Catholic Charities and other organizations? It started from an inner seed to help others and make a difference in the world. If you are thinking about going to college, looking for a career change or are involved in volunteer work and wish to enhance your skills in social services, you should look into the social work field and available related programs.

Working with others is a gift and responsibility: You are in contact with those with issues that are looking for answers. The issues can be related to family problems, economic hardship, mental health disorders such as bipolar disease or adjustment issues. As a social worker you need to be committed, empathic, highly organized with good communication and have time management skills. You'll often need to do an initial evaluation of your clients and assessment. You'll have follow up appointments and may also provide relevant information to agencies that are working with the same clients (once a release of information is signed).

Being a good listener and being passionate are also key factors in this job. People only open up to those they feel they understand them. In order to achieve this goal of helping someone discussing personal issues you need to listen carefully and understand what their major problem plus develop a treatment plan.

Training and skills integration

Being a Social worker as a professional requires getting the BSW or MSW degree. But before enrolling yourself, you can research the variety of possiblities for social workers to know where you best fit in. Some of these job rules include family social workers, child and school social workers, mental health and hospital social workers, substance abuse social workers, forensic work and many other possibilities. Internships are also important for your experience and you'll get experience through your enrolled program. There are also online courses and programs but it's good to research these. Are they accredited and if so, by which organizations? Can you get licensed in the state in which you live or wish to practice? You would need to contact the board in the state to find out if the online program meets the requirements. Even the licensed mental health counselors in Florida (LMHC) have certain restrictions on settings where they can work with the elderly in Florida.

Primarily, I've found that whas is needed is the capacity to form relationships with people. As an advisor, an advocate, a counselor or listener, you help people to live more successfully within their local communities by helping them find solutions to their problems. Helping someone to grow, break out of an oppressive situation and change their life around is very rewarding. Also, money can be a very big concern and you can read more here about scholarships for single moms as well as grants and scholarship awards in general.

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  1. Some people probably shouldn’t try to be a social worker because they just are too “me” oriented and incapable of thinking of other people. Of course the social worker salary is not too high so that may already eliminate people who only care about their status and success. But my friend had a social worker who she said really didn’t seem to have much empathy and always blamed her for her problems, even though her mom was the selfish one in the family.

    Comment by Nan — March 22, 2010 @ 6:17 pm

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