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June 12, 2010

Fordam University School Of Social Work

The Forham University School of Social Service is located in New York City and offers a Baccalaureate Degree in Social Work, a Master of Social Work degree, and a PhD in Social Work. The social work major offered by Fordham University is meant to give undergraduate students a solid background in generalist social work practice. Prospective BSW students can apply for the social work major after completing at least 50 hours of liberal arts coursework, including several areas of prerequisites such as introductory sociology, psychology, and American government.

The BSW major consists of 33 credit hours and is meant to be completed within 2 years on either a full-time or part-time basis. BSW students must also complete a year-long field practicum of 600 hours. Students have three options for completion of the field practicum: the 21-hour option, in which students attend field placement three days a week for about eight months; the 14-hour option, in which students attend field placement two days a week for ten to eleven months; or work study, in which students are able to meet the field education requirements in the social service agency where they are employed. There are BSW jobs and the school will help you with understanding the options.

The MSW program at Fordham University is offered at the Lincoln Center campus for full-time and part-time students and at the Westchester Campus for distance education students. An online MSW degree will be offered beginning in fall 2011 for students who live over 50 miles from the distance education campus. The masters in social work program at Fordham University consists of 66 hours of credit. MSW students complete Foundation and Advanced phases of study, and all students have a Foundation and an Advanced field placement.

An advanced standing option is offered for students who have a BSW and would like to complete the program in one year rather than two. These students matriculate automatically to the Advanced phase and complete only one field placement. The Experienced and Employed Social Service Practitioner (EESSP) model is meant for students with three or more years of experience in a social work capacity. The EESSP students complete all Foundation and Advanced coursework, yet are permitted to complete one extended field placement arranged through their place of employment.

Once students enter the Advanced level, they choose a concentration (Clinical, Leadership and Macro Practice, or Research) and a specialization (Children and Families, Substance Abuse, Social Work and the Law, Older Persons and Their Families, and Global Service).

Fordham U School Of Social Work-Preparation For Your Future

Fordham University School of Social Services also actively prepares students for social work examinations required to practice social work in their states. A Doctoral Degree in Social Work is also offered by Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service. Students are required to complete 48 credits as a combination of academic coursework and a dissertation. PhD students are required to complete oral and written examinations specific to chosen areas of interest, followed by intense work with a faculty member to complete a dissertation.

The school also offers the BGIN (Begin Graduate Involvement Now) Program for students who want to take some graduate coursework but are not ready to apply for admission to a graduate program. Courses taken by MSW students in the first year of school, such as Human Behavior in the Social Environment, Social Work Research, and Social Work Policy, are offered to those who are enrolled in the BGIN program.

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