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January 7, 2010

Financial Aid for Going to School: Grants, Loans and Scholarships

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financialaidforcollege If you are thinking about college, whether as an undergrad or returning for either grad school or to change your career entirely, you may feel stopped in your tracks due to the financial hardship issues. First of all, Obama is very aware and appreciative for the need for college education to better one’s own life and the life of society. This is something he spoke about in his talk to students that was publicized in the fall of 2009.

There are various options to help pay for college or graduate school so first think about your dream and don't just feel defeated. If you're a single mom, you are probably already working, and also watching your children. To take on a second job would really be pushing things if you want to take classes. Financial aid for college is an important way to deal with the responsibilities in your life while also being able to improve your education.

If you're already working, there may be some coverage available by your employer. It can be very frustrating not being promoted or put in certain management positions due to not having a college or graduate degree. The salary range will improve and you'll gain more opportunities at work. Check with both your boss or supervisor as well as the human resource department where you work. There are also loans, financial aid and scholarships by the government, private companies and local companies that like to help out the community. Contact the school you wish to apply to and they can give you some ideas.

You can go to Free Application for federal Student Aid or FAFSA, for the application and to read more about the process. It is at . Remember that a lot of people will look at a form and not want to fill it out. It takes perserverence to do this. Filling this out is a necessity for the federal scholarships but also many state and local ones need it as well. It is good to do this early as you'll be able to have your form filled out in case there are early deadlines for some of the scholarship awards given out.
After they look at this you get the SAR (student aid report) which helps schools determine your aid package. It's good to review this because if you need to revise anything you'll be able to do so and this can make you elibible for more scholarship money if circumstances have changed. You'll be eligible for the Pell and Perkins Grants. Also if you are getting unemployment benefits you may be also a candidate for federal scholarship financial aid.

Look at as well any group you are part of. For instance, there are scholarships for armed forces and relatives, athletic scholarships, special scholarships from the department of the school for your specialization (contact the department head ), chamber of commerce scholarships and many niche awards given. Make a list of various associations in the community , groups you are affiliated with and contacts you have to really do a good brainstorming session.

Keep your dream. If you are a single mom, you'll also be inspiring your children by example. They'll see your efforts at raising a family, working and returning to school. This will make an impression on them that will last their whole life. You can be proactive and approach local companies to even see if they have a scholarship fund. They might start one. Whether you are thinking about social work school programs or a different field, know that there are options to get to school and study and that you can get the financial aid you need. It will be what can turn around your situation so don't let fear get in the way.


  1. I was really proud of my mom for returning to school when I was in 8th grade. She raised us ourselves and was a single mom since I was 10. We did frozen foods for first semester because she was super-busy with work and school and homework. I am not sure what kind of financial aid she had received but now I know they have single mom grants and other options because of the Obama administration policies. It really helped me and my brother to see the importance of college and that we didn’t have to stay stuck in our lifestyles. I hope the stimulus plan for education will benefit a lot of people. Our society is really struggling with so much .

    Comment by Josephina — January 7, 2010 @ 2:59 pm

  2. I read there was a duct tape scholarship and I’m not sure what it was but I think you wear it on prom night. I wonder how many people apply for that college scholarship and what the odds are of getting it.

    Comment by Letecia — January 11, 2010 @ 9:11 pm

  3. Ha . That is funny about duct tape. My sister is doing an application for a cooking scholarship. I forgot what company it is but they give 1000 dollars scholarships to incoming freshman. My sister loves to cook so maybe she’ll get some college money.

    Comment by Holly — January 15, 2010 @ 7:42 pm

  4. I hope Obama will make more opportunities for minority group single moms and other groups who want to attend college. Education is what has helped him become who he is today. Someone told me there is something called the Sunshine Lady Foundation for single moms that need college scholorship funds so this is something I am telling my aunt about. Also, with loans if you declare bankruptcy you can’t write student loans off so it is good to look for as much scholarship money as possible.

    Comment by Irene — January 26, 2010 @ 1:40 pm

  5. I know my company does give funding to employees going back to school in the form of scholarships but they don’t advertise it. You need to go to the HR department or talk to your supervisor because a lot of companies keep their financial aid gifts behind closed doors to avoid too many inquiries in this economy. But they are there.

    Comment by Jim — January 27, 2010 @ 1:20 pm

  6. I know it is fair enough to give scholarship to students with high scores and stuff. But sometimes, I felt that students with just average scores were kept in a dark because they are not smart (as you can judge based on the overall scores at school), the only question I want to ask if ” what about those who cannot reach high score? does it mean that they are dumb?” Should they be supported on education as well? Maybe it was their background.

    Comment by Peer — May 28, 2010 @ 4:03 pm

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