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November 3, 2010

Epilepsy Scholarship Opportunities

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Having epilepsy can be a real struggle, and there are quite a few different organizations that recognize that. You will be able to find a scholarship that will be able to give you the opportunity to go to school and earn your degree in whatever area of study you are interested in. It helps to know about all of the different programs which exist to help people who have this medical condition to go through an undergraduate or graduate program to earn the degree they want. The more scholarships you apply to the better your chances will be of getting one that will really help you out when it comes to finishing your education.

The Pfizer™ Epilepsy Scholarship Award is a one year long scholarship for students with this condition and it gives out $2,000 to those who qualify. In order to be eligible for this money you must have demonstrated remarkable courage by overcoming epilepsy and well as doing well in school and participating in activities out of school or within the community. You must also show a strong desire to get the most out of your college experience and pursue a new career. In order to qualify you must be a high school senior or a college freshman, sophomore, or junior.

There is also the Keppra Family Epilepsy Scholarship Program to consider when you are looking for money to help you fund your college education. Each year it awards 20 scholarships to students who qualify in the amount of $5,000 total. Even those who are in charge of taking care of someone with epilepsy can apply for one of these scholarships. In order to qualify for this scholarship you must be a legal resident of the U.S and enrolled in an accredited school for higher education.

Students who qualify will be selected on the basis of an essay or artistic presentation which is required upon applying for this scholarship. You will also need to provide a full academic transcript with three different letters of recommendation and a photograph of the person who is applying for the scholarship. It is a good idea to get your application in early so you will have a good chance of having it reviewed and accepted so you will be able to get as much money as possible for college. Keep in mind that there are lots of different programs for those who have epilepsy and the more you look into the better.

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