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May 19, 2009

Depression Counselling: Trauma Psychotherapy

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Yesterday, I had a depression counselling session with someone in her thirties. She had been beaten at a foster home when she was a teenager and had a lot of issues with anxiety and depression over the years. Robin was feeling in a very low mood. Her closest friend moved back to New Jersey for the summer and she felt very alone. Robin felt that her situation will never change and that feelings of loneliness, rejection and being unloved would continue.

We wrote down some things that Robin felt good about herself. She is very kind and takes care of her dog with lots of attention and care. Robin smiled and felt that she wasn't "a total loser". Part of being depressed is that you can't see any good qualities about your self and your image is very low. When I asked Robin to talk about other traits she has she said that she gives money to her grandfather to help him out. Since she is on disability and has little money for herself, this is a significant sacrifice. We wrote this down too.

Robin and I started to get into some things she heard from her foster mom that made her feel that she isn't a good person. One thing she remembered was that her mom told her, "Why would you be loved if you own mom didn't want you". This was very hurtful to her. The relation with one's own mom is primary and this hit a deep chord in Robin. We made a list of people who have liked her over the years and also talked about some problems her foster mom had with her own family of origin.

It was rewarding to see the depression counselling getting Robin to think a little about her negative self-statements so she didn't buy into them. This still will take a more work. I also had her do a 5 minute breathing meditation she can use when she feels anxious so she can tap into her inner peace, beauty and bliss. This can help her to challenge the times she might put herself down.


  1. I think depression counselling should really start in high school. Kids seem to start getting depressed around 13 and 14 due to disappointments of life. If they can learn some therapy tools to cope with anxiety and depression then they will have a way to deal with life.

    Comment by Rita — July 10, 2009 @ 5:26 pm

  2. Great article, as a social worker doing psychotherapy, I’m glad I found this blog :)

    Comment by Henri Labelle — September 14, 2010 @ 12:11 am

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