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December 22, 2011

Colorado Social Work Programs

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colorado social work programsThe Colorado State University School of Social Work is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. CSU offers Bachelor of Social Work, Master of Social Work, and doctor of philosophy (PhD) programs to interested candidates. Undergraduates interested in entry-level social work careers can apply to the BSW program at Colorado State University provided they have already been accepted into the university.

BSW students take several courses in generalist social work practice in preparation for jobs after graduation in a wide variety of areas. Students must also enroll in a field placement, take a seminar, and successfully complete research courses. The field placement gives BSW students the opportunity to be exposed to “real world” social work settings prior to graduation in preparation for a social work job. CSU offers two options for Master of Social Work students: an on-campus option and a distance education option.

For students able to attend classes on campus, full-time and part-time opportunities are available. Full-time MSW students typically complete the program in two years, and part-time students complete the program in about three years.

For both full-time students, field placements are required in both years, and for part-time students field placements are required in the second and third years. All students must complete courses in their foundation year, but may enroll in Advanced Generalist courses in the concentration year to better fit their individualized social work interests and goals. An advanced standing option, in which students can earn their MSW in three semesters, is also available for those with a BSW degree.

All MSW students must either complete a thesis in order to graduate, or must conduct a program evaluation or direct service evaluation. The distance education msw program is similar to the on-campus option, but is a three year part-time program in which students attend classes once a month on weekends.

The PhD program is beginning at CSU to accept students in the fall of 2012, and the student handbook is currently being developed. The curriculum plan currently includes a specific combination of social work courses, teaching courses, research courses, and elective courses, with the requirement of completing and defending a dissertation.

University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work offers both a Master of Social Work degree and a doctor of Philosophy degree. The MSW program allows students to concentrate on either community practice or a clinical practice track, including child welfare, high-risk youth, families, and adulthood/late life challenges. Students interested in earning additional certificates can earn a certificate in animal-assisted social work, couples and family therapy, interpersonal trauma studies, or social work with Latino/as.

MSW students also have the opportunity to choose to attend classes full-time, part-time, or in the evenings. Advanced standing students with a BSW degree can apply to enter the program in the summer and finish within one calendar year. Field placements are required for MSW students at University of Denver, and students can choose from over 600 placements.

University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work PhD students is aimed toward applicants who are interested in become experts in social work research, teaching, and/or policy. Those in the doctorate program and PhD social work students must complete core and elective course work, successfully take a comprehensive examination, and conduct dissertation research and defend the dissertation.

Colorado State University-Pueblo currently offers only an undergraduate Bachelor of Social Work program and not a Master of Social Work degree. The CSU-Pueblo BSW degree takes four years to complete and aims to adequately prepare students for jobs in generalist social work practice while giving them a foundation in social justice, research, and cultural competence.

BSW students must take and successfully pass the Academic Content Achievement Test (ACAT) in the senior year as a means of measuring students’ academic achievement throughout their undergraduate careers. BSW students must also complete a field education placement during the senior year that consists of 448 hours in a social work setting. Students can either be placed in an agency for 16 hours each week for two consecutive semesters, or can elect to complete a block placement of 32 hours per week for one semester.

Colorado has a lot to offer so look into one of the Colorado social work programs for your future education.

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