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October 7, 2011

Celebrity Scholarships For College

In today’s economy, almost everyone is searching for financial aid for college. A college scholarship is a wonderful way for a student to get some money for college. There are a lot of different types of scholarships available for a college bound student. Specific to the bsw or msw degree there are scholarships for social workers. Lots of other funding opportunities are also available so it’s good to research niche areas, your ethnic background and special interests. A celebrity scholarship for college is also another option.

The Alicia Keys Open Doors Scholars Program offers students $5000 for college. Students from New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville and Harlem are eligible for the scholarship.. The winners of the scholarship must perform community service as well as represent the organization at the school they are attending. The Open Doors Program was started by Alicia Keys business manager, D. J. Walton.

The David Letterman Scholarship is available for students in the telecommunication program at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. The award is given to three students who have a creative mind for media. The scholarship is aimed at the average students with an innovative passion in the field of radio and television.

The Christopher Reeve award is available for students who have a great passion for serving their community. The award requires that a non-relative dominate a student by describing their community contributions and charitable activities. The nominations are only accepted between September 1 and October 31. Once the student is selected, they received $1000 for all of the service efforts the student has performed.

It’s not only celebrities and musicians who give out scholarships, some sports teams give out scholarships as well. The Phoenix Suns basketball team has a charity scholarship. The program was started in 1987 by the basketball team to have the players give back to the needy children in Arizona. The award is available to students who have outstanding academic performance with a large involvement in the local community. In 2007, the award was given to 15 students who each received $2000.

The programs described above are just a small sampling of the celebrity scholarships available to college students. Many people choose double major in the human services or social work specialization along with a second major. Looking into a variety of funding options gives you the best shot of getting relief from monetary pressures.

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