Social Work Programs

March 27, 2011

University Of Southern California Social Work School

usc social work The University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work degree and a Doctoral degree in Social Work. The MSW program offers two, three, and four-year programs as options for students to complete the degree. All MSW students are expected to complete both Foundation and Concentration courses. In the Foundation year, students learn about generalist social work practice, policy, social welfare, and complete other relevant courses.

The second half of this curriculum requires that students take Concentration courses, which address students’ areas of specialty including health; mental health; work & life; families and children; and community, organization, planning, and administration (COPA). Students can also choose sub-concentrations, which include veterans’ services; older adults; public child welfare; school settings; and systems of mental illness recovery. (more…)

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