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March 4, 2012

Removing Kids From Home In The UK

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social workers and kids When is it permissible to remove a child from its home in the UK? While the answer is unclear and clouded in actions that are carried out on a subjective basis, one case that highlights the pressures and decisions facing social workers is one illustrated by the social worker Ben Crang.

Workers like Ben are involved in almost 10,000 cases of children being removed from their home and placed into temporary or foster care while their previous situation is assessed, and it is determined what is to happen to the child in the meantime, as well as into the long term. Social workers and foster care issues can be an agonizing area. Work such as this almost exists in a no win situation; get it right and you save a child from harm but remove it from its home, get it wrong and the consequences are almost too hard to think about. (more…)

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