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May 2, 2009

Social Workers and Therapists: How to Stop Burn Out

Just as an accountant often doesn’t do his taxes by April 15th, I’ve noticed that a lot of social workers, mental health counselors and psychologists don’t take the time to relax, stretch or restore energy. Talking to people takes a lot of energy. You are trying to figure out their situation with them, you are feeling someone’s pain and struggle, you also can get frustrated when someone seems to stay shut in their own box of thinking and perception. Sometimes we wish so much we could turn someone’s head around so they can see where they are stuck. But this is something someone needs to realize through their own insights. It’s important to not burn out as a therapist.

April 16, 2009

Social Worker Skills: Tips for Stress Reduction

One of the social worker skills that I learned from yoga and meditation classes involved helping clients relax by using a slow calming breath that helps centering. I think this an essential skill to bring into sessions for anger management, family counseling , adhd problems and lots of areas. It can stop stress from escalating and creating a domino effect. (more…)

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