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September 20, 2011

Social Work With Immigrants

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social work and immigrantsDepending on what area of the country social workers are employed, social work with immigrants is becoming increasingly common. No matter if social workers are employed by local or state government, hospitals, schools, assisted living facilities, social services, or other places of employment, it is highly likely that a social worker will work with an immigrant family within his or her career. In areas such as South Florida, there are many various ethnicities, but still there can be a great deal of isolation, discrimination and adjustment issues.

While many immigrants have assimilated well into the American culture and environment, others struggle to cope with an extremely different culture, perspective, language, and way of living. Social workers must be patient, compassionate, and understanding of these difficulties even when it appears very challenging for people to overcome the barriers standing between them and a normally-adjusted life. One of my clients is from Vietnam and has had a number of problems due to school bullying (more…)

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