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June 13, 2011

Social Work Or Yoga

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social work or yogaAs both a social worker and someone who teaches yoga, I’ve been asked which is recommended for real change and inner growth. People complain of friends who have been in psychotherapy for years yet seemed to have made no progress. It is true that for some, therapy can become a routine and may be used as a setting to blame others, get validations for one’s point of view or find an outlet to vent.

This isn’t due to the nature of the therapeutic process but one’s relation to it and intention. It is good to go into one’s session with an intent to examine one’s own assumptions, question one’s reactions and be tired of certain self-defeating behaviors. This creates the fuel for change. Being challenged always has an aspect of discomfort, but therapy isn’t useful when it’s just a dumping ground for blame and complaints. That may create a sense of temporary relief, but it doesn’t get at the root of looking into the emotional responses that occur on a daily basis. (more…)

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