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July 26, 2011

Social Work Job Searches

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social work job search Looking for a social work job involves a lot of networking. Aside from going to nasw meetings, looking in the local newspaper, checking your local nasw newsletter and sending resumes to community agencies there are some online sites that have useful sections. For instance if you go to craigslist in your area, there are some sections to study for social work jobs.

One of my clients told me she had been regularly looking at the medical and health section under jobs at craigslist, but one day decided to look under the part-time section at bottom of the job category. She saw a counseling job listed and though she didn’t get the job, she did get a tutoring job that was in that section. Another client of mine saw a social work job listed under the gigs section within the creative category. (It was for working with troubled teens and coming up with activities, field trips and interesting approaches). (more…)

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