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June 23, 2011

Social Workers And Burnout Problems

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social work burnout Social workers have one of the highest rates of burnout and often there are feelings of helplessness, chronic exhaustion and a sense of dread about going to work. This is often a problem for many social workers at some point in their careers for the following reasons:

Therapists often have very intense work schedules, which allows for few breaks and a high level of stress. They often also work in agencies that provide 24 hour crisis services, which leads to social workers feelings as if they never really “get away” from the job.

There are daily challenges due to working with difficult populations, which can be very tiring. While this is one of the main reasons social workers are originally attracted to the field (they want to help people in need), others’ needs can often quickly become overwhelming and it becomes easy for the social worker to feel ineffective. (more…)

July 31, 2009

How Can You Listen to People All Day

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therapistcouchI’m often asked by people the question, “How can you listen to people all day”? It can be frustrating when someone seems to not really want to change, but to really focus on blaming others. But I think that is the first impulse we have- to get validation for our own perceptions and see the other person as causing our situation. I find that gently questioning this can help someone to look themselves.


May 2, 2009

Social Workers and Therapists: How to Stop Burn Out

Just as an accountant often doesn’t do his taxes by April 15th, I’ve noticed that a lot of social workers, mental health counselors and psychologists don’t take the time to relax, stretch or restore energy. Talking to people takes a lot of energy. You are trying to figure out their situation with them, you are feeling someone’s pain and struggle, you also can get frustrated when someone seems to stay shut in their own box of thinking and perception. Sometimes we wish so much we could turn someone’s head around so they can see where they are stuck. But this is something someone needs to realize through their own insights. It’s important to not burn out as a therapist.

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