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June 9, 2013

Psychotherapy In The Summer

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summer psychotherapy Are problems less intense during the summer? Because a lot of people look forward to the summer and feel a sense of disappointment that it’s not necessarily changing their mood, I wanted to discuss this. First of all, I just set up a facebook page that has quotes and inspiration for staying balanced so please feel free to like it and make comments here. I think there is a lighter sense when the weather is warm and one can enjoy outdoor exercise in through jogging or swimming plus get to parks. However, this initial mood change can wear off after a few weeks and then some of the chronic problems surface once again. Insecurities, caring about others’ opinions and other longstanding issues can persist without breaking through to the root of the problem. (more…)

January 7, 2011

Does Anyone Really Want To Change

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personalchange A common comment made by social workers, psychologists and mental health counselors is that clients often prefer to blame others rather than to change. It is easier to look outside rather than inside. When we want to figure out why things aren’t working there seem to be so many external factors that are the reason. “He doesn’t listen to me.” ” They won’t include me and this means I’m all alone.” ” I give at work my best but am never appreciated.” All these seem to make sense and in fact, may be partially true. But, that still leaves out one’s own interactions out of the situation. (more…)

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