Social Work Programs

March 12, 2011

Social Work Jobs Without Counseling

social work jobs without counseling When thinking of careers within the field of Social Work, most people think this involves providing therapy or counseling. But, there are many more career options for those with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Social Work. Within Social Work programs there are often two major concentrations: micro or macro Social Work. Macro Social Work is concerned with policy, administration, program development and evaluation and community organizing. These career prospects don’t typically involve counseling clients. Micro Social Work is concerned with working with people and providing direct services, particularly counseling and therapy. There are a number of career paths in Social Work that are at the macro level.

Individuals with a Social Work background are often recruited for positions within research. As a researcher you may be helping develop new psycho-therapies, new social service programs, or researching the effectiveness of psychotropic medications. Having a Social Work background is necessary in these positions because you have an understanding of complex psychiatric diagnoses and knowledge of social service programs that are needed. Government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, and universities are often looking for Social Workers to join their research teams. (more…)

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