Social Work Programs

July 15, 2010

Social Work Programs in NJ: New Jersey Schools

new jersey social work Finding some of the different social work programs in NJ is a process that takes time but is well worth it for your future. Where you receive your training and education from is important, because after you are done with school, you will absolutely need to have reliable and reputable credentials, including you college degree. You should think carefully about where you choose to get your education from, because it will end up reflecting on you one way or another when you are going in for interviews and applying for various positions in this sector. Don’t forget there are also online options but you want to find out about what boards accept the schools as well as how the licensing board regards the programs. The Council of Social Work Education is an important board to consider and whatever school you look at should be able to discuss with you the situation for meeting licensure requirements. (more…)

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