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December 2, 2013

Meditation, Yoga and Breathing for Depression and Anxiety

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I give local workshops on using meditation, yoga and breathing for stress, anxiety and depression and have created an online, home study course that mental health professionals and nurses can use use to gain 3 CEU credits. You can read about the online course here. I have a number of case studies with clients where I illustrate the sequences of poses, breaths and meditations that were used in our sessions. It is so wonderful to see someone grow, gain insights and make changes from states of anger, sadness or agitation into deeper harmony and inner peace. Social workers in Florida need to get 30 CEU credits by March 31, 2015 to renew their licenses. Check your own state for requirements and the online, home study course is approved by various boards in the country.

I find that clients often will quickly say that breathing or meditation doesn’t work because their minds are always spinning various emotions and thoughts. I think a lot of people have tried taking deep breaths and then give up. Please don’t give up if you or clients didn’t have initial success taking a few deep breaths. (more…)

October 9, 2010

CEU Social Work Requirements Social Workers

ceusforsocialworkers Not every state requires ceu credits (or continuing education, ce credits) to renew the license for social workers. For instance, Colorado, New York and Hawaii do not have this requirement for licensed social workers. The other states, that do have this requirement for those with msw degrees vary in both the number of credits as well as the number of ceu credits allowed by home study hours.

May 29, 2009

Social Work Continuing Education: Interesting Courses and Classes

When you need to get the credit for renewing the social work license, there are a lot of interesting courses to take either online or offline. For instance, I give an inexpensive online yoga, breathing and meditation class for 3 ceu credits for social workers, nurses and psychologists HERE. I’ve also taken a very interesting eastern philosophy class on meditation and Patanjali. In Florida, March 31, 2015 is when the credits need to be completed but each state is different. (more…)

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