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April 24, 2010

Cedric Jennings: Journey to the MSW Degree

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cedricjenningspicture If you’ve never understood the plight of young people in urban and inner-city areas, you should research the life of Cedric Jennings. He is a young man that lived a hard life in Washington, D.C. He went to a high school riddled with crime, yet he was an honor student struggling to get out of his current situation. He continued his studies and dreamed of a brighter future. This is a common problem with the youth in urban areas. They are afraid to shine and show their talents because they are afraid that they will be targets of malicious treatment. Many students who don’t seem to fit in because they get good grades, or show interest in school are often mercilessly bullied. Measures need to be taken to safe guard our students so that they can achieve greatness no matter where they go to school. (more…)

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