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July 22, 2012

Asperger’s Syndrome And Counseling

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aspergers and counseling For adults and children with Asperger’s syndrome, each day can be a struggle. Often there are complicated social interactions, repetitive behavior patterns and restricted social interests that seriously limit one’s life. Family members, friends and relatives usually can find connecting challenging and it can lead to interpersonal stress and tension. However, increasing awareness of this condition has resulted in easier diagnosis and improved treatment procedures. There is also more public awareness and programs in the schools available than in the past.

There are mild cases as well as those with multiple symptoms. Parents may notice the symptoms first in the form of avoiding eye contact, aloofness from other children, social withdrawal, distance from siblings, refusal to acknowledge names, repetitive behaviors, fear any change, and show lack of interest in playing with others. There is a lot of variance in symptoms and some children are more interactive with others. Advances in the field of medicine and psychiatry have led to simplified diagnoses procedures and treatment protocols. (more…)

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