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April 24, 2012

Careers With A Sociology Degree

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sociology careers Sociology is a broad area in education that will open lots of doors and opportunities for those seeking it as a major since being knowledgeable on human social behavior makes a person adaptable to virtually any environment or setting. Also indicative of how broad the field of sociology is, is the fact that sociology is considered a liberal arts major.

Liberal arts schools allow students the chance to explore many different subjects while working toward a potential major. So someone who may want to major in psychology, for example, may get the chance to take computer, math and art classes that a psychology major may not otherwise require. They are gaining general knowledge that they can apply in any chosen career. Liberal arts schools are perfect for those who are unsure of what specific majors and careers interest them or are most fitting for them. Sociology positions usually require degrees at the master or doctorate level.

A career in sociology basically means that you can qualify for a job involving interaction with other people, especially where knowing how to “read” people is important. This is pretty much the requirement for the majority of jobs out there, so you can’t go wrong majoring in sociology. Typical jobs that sociology majors have are police officers, publicists, community activists, human resource managers, advertising executives, social workers, government officials, lawyers, doctors, teachers, politicians, journalists, guidance counselors, researchers, statisticians, ministers, etc. Sociologists typically work full time in an office setting during normal hours, but are often required to travel for research and collaboration purposes. They may work alone or with a team of other sociologists. The work is fairly demanding, but enjoyable if you have the following skill sets.

Skill Sets

Sociologists should have strong analytical, writing, research, problem-solving, critical thinking, leadership, time management, communication and interpersonal skills in order to be most successful.

Salary For Sociologists

As diverse as the career avenues one can take with sociology, so are the corresponding salaries. The salary range is very broad, and it all depends on factors like the level of degree attained, what specific type of job you seek, and who your employer is. For example, teachers, journalists and social workers are on the lower end of the starting salary range (though there is definitely room for growth there), while sociology majors who aim for the business or political arenas are on the higher end. Salaries typically start around $20,000 at the lowest, but can reach into the six-figure range – again, all depending on the specific occupation. The median pay range for most jobs, however, is a little over $70,000 per year. Teaching jobs can vary since one can be a tenured professor, part-time adjunct or online instructor.


Sociology careers are expected to rise marginally in the next 10 years, though no more than at the average rate of other similar jobs (15-20 percent).

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