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February 21, 2011

BSW Jobs

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bsw jobs A Bachelor’s degree in Social Work is the beginning for individuals who want to work in Social Work. After an individual earns an undergraduate degree in Social Work from a Council on Social Work Education accredited school, then you are eligible to take the state exam to become a licensed baccalaureate Social Worker (note that each state has it’s own regulations). With a degree, graduates can apply for entry-level positions in various settings. According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), an entry-level social worker can expect around thirty thousand a year as salary.

A Bachelor’s degree in Social Work will allow you to gain employment in a variety of settings. It will typically take four years to complete. The types of positions you are qualified for will be determined by the coursework you completed in your social work program and also any internship or volunteer experience you have obtained.

Graduates will find entry-level positions in all sectors of health and welfare services including public agencies, private businesses, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, private practices, police departments, courts, and countless other interesting workplaces. Graduates often fill such entry-level positions as caseworker, mental health assistant, group home worker, and residential counselor.

Through 2012, job growth among social work is projected to grow at rates faster than the average for all other industries. This is especially true for gerontology workers who will be needed to accommodate the heightened demand among aging populations and the baby boom generation.

Private sector employment is also expected to rise. Organizations will likely begin hiring assistants at lower pay levels as opposed to actual social workers. Governments at both local and State levels will require more workers to assist in welfare and family/child protection programs that are usually sub-contracted to the private sector. Job outlooks will vary in both private and public sectors according to need and financial flexibility.

The types of positions you are qualified for with a Bachelor’s in Social Work (BSW degree) are different from an individual with a Master’s in Social Work (MSW degre). It is important to note that many social work careers in hospitals, school social worker positions and clinical work require a Master’s degree. But this doesn’t mean that your career prospects are non-existent. Sites like are useful for finding work with the bsw or masters in social work. They draw upon a number of search engines such as, and lots of other engines. You can search by location and enter in specific phrases such as “bsw jobs“, “nursing home social worker” or “msw jobs”. There is also a forum so you can discuss mental health jobs and concerns there. I have had a number of blog readers report that they found bsw jobs and msw positions using craigslist as well. They are listed in the health care and medical section. You can also post your resume there. There are also social work job sites at different schools such as FAU in Boca Raton, Florida as well as nationally such as .

With your Bachelor’s degree in Social Work you can expect to find a variety of employers looking to hire individuals like yourself. Your education background provided you with knowledge and skills that are applicable in a variety of positions. With the growth potential in the field expected to be faster than average, obtaining employment in your preferred setting should be attainable. Think about the population or demographics you’d like to work with and be sure to discuss your passion in the interviews with any decision makers. Talk about what you did during your social work internship , any volunteer work you’ve done and even when your passion to help others began in your childhood.

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