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May 20, 2012

The Relation Between Drug Use And Mental Illness

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drug use and mental illness1 In 2002, it was noted that more than 4 million adults in the US had a serious drug addiction along with some form of mental condition. Researchers noted that existing undiagnosed mental condition could result in a patient into using drugs due to poor mental coordination and disorganized emotional processing. It was also noted that long term use of drugs along with contributing genetic and environmental factors could result in physical and psychological changes that manifest as mental illnesses.

Almost every drug has some side effects. Researchers already know that prolonged or long term use of psychostimulants will alter the state of the mind especially in patients who have undiagnosed bipolar disorders. The drugs can exacerbate the symptoms resulting in dangerous behavior in the individual. A large range of recreational drugs are also known to cause a similar problem. Drugs that are known to induce states such as paranoia or possible hallucinations include amphetamine, cocaine, cannabis, LSD and ketamine. (more…)

May 3, 2012

A Career In Nursing Or Social Work

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nursing or social work careerChoosing a career is never easy. Aptitude testing was considered to be one of the ways of assessing your skills and choosing a job but times have changed. There are so many different jobs and professions, that it is difficult to guide a student on to a particular career. As a result, we do suggest that you do as much research as possible about any career you are interested in right from high school. If you are interested in the helping profession or human services, there are a number of ways to volunteer. To learn about the profession, volunteer or ‘job shadow’ a professional in the field to learn more about it. If you’re interested in nursing or social work in particular but cannot make up your mind, this article should be able to provide you with a better perspective on both professions. Many people want to be in involved in helping others to improve their lives but are unsure of which way to go.

Currently, the nursing profession is considered one of the best in the US. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing profession is expected to grow by as much as 26% from 2010 to 2020. On an average, nurses also get paid anywhere from $64,690 to about $95,130 depending on profession and education. The job does have its pros and cons though. Most nurses have to study for 4-5 years before they get their degree. After completing their degree, most states have a mandatory certification exam and a licensing exam that has to be cleared. These exams are repeated every year or every two years for recertification. (more…)

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