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January 12, 2012

Social Workers And Lawsuits

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social workers and lawsuits The job of a social worker is never easy. Though rewarding in the sense that helping or improving the life of someone else feels great, the social worker’s job is often under attack – especially in cases involving children. Social workers are required by law to protect and ensure the safety of the children in their care. They are responsible for the child’s wellbeing even once in the hands of a foster parent or guardian.

Social workers are required to thoroughly assess and investigate potential foster or adoptive parents and their homes prior to the transfer of children into their care. Foster and adoptive parents are to also be informed of any special needs the children may have to make sure the parents are capable of providing proper care for them. There are some instances, however, when someone or something slips through the cracks. Sometimes children are abused or killed, or perhaps the foster family household suffers issues of their own as a result of the new family dynamic. When these unfortunate scenarios occur, who’s to blame? (more…)

January 8, 2012

Air Force Social Work Jobs

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social work jobs airforce Life in the American Military, and in the Air Force can lead to its own particular stresses and challenges. This is true for those serving and their families and dependants. Social work jobs within the Air Force aim to provide workers with the necessary skills to deal with these issues and help those in need of help. Along with the obvious leadership skills that go along with a life in the service, you may need skills in health care, the sciences and administration and operations.

The skills you have now will be added to and enhanced by life in the military, supporting services around the country and beyond, and you will be working in a multi disciplinary setting, transferring all that you know and combining it with on the job learning. (more…)

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