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October 27, 2011

Boston Schools Of Social Work

boston schools of socia lwork There are several options in Boston, Massachusetts, for potential graduate students of social work to pursue an education. Boston College offers both Master and Doctoral degrees of social work as well as dual degrees and several different concentrations. For those pursuing a Master of Social Work degree (MSW), students can choose one of four concentrations, including Children, Youth, and Families; Global Practice; Health and Mental Health; and Older Adults and Families. Students must also complete several days each week in a field placement setting, where they learn practical social work skills in a realistic setting.

The typical MSW student completes his or her course of study in two years; there are also options for a one year, three year, and four year course of study depending on the student’s educational background in social work and work schedule. Dual degree opportunities include integrating the MSW degree with an MBA, JD, or MA in Pastoral Ministry degree. Students may also participate in the combined MSW/PhD program in which they can earn both degrees in less time than it would take to finish each degree separately. The Boston College PhD in Social Work program focuses on assisting students in developing expertise in a specific area and prepares those students for a career in scholarly research. PhD students must write and defend a dissertation at the end of their academic studies. (more…)

October 17, 2011

Social Workers And Prison Work

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social workers and prison Social workers are needed even in correctional institutions in order to fulfill a variety of responsibilities. There are several different roles social workers can take in prisons. Some social workers may meet with prisoners for individual or group therapy as a means of addressing mental health issues, or helping them cope with long sentences and a drastic change in environment. Social workers may lead group therapy sessions in which prisoners process their personal situations as well as learn together how to deal with the demands of the stressful environment of a correctional facility.

Some social workers may have the responsibility of completing risk assessments for the court system as a means of determining their risk level if they were to be released into mainstream society. These social workers often have a great deal of experience in assessing similar situations and are able to somewhat accurately predict the costs and benefits of releasing certain prisoners into the community. (more…)

October 13, 2011

Social Workers And Confidentiality In Court Cases

court confidentiality1 Social workers often work in close communication with the court system, whether it is through Department of Social Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, custody battles, or an array of many other agencies and situations. Many times social workers will face ethical conflicts as they attempt to treat clients in a dignified and respectful fashion, yet are obligated to share certain information with the court system that may harm the social worker-client relationship.

Social workers also serve their clients well by telling them that they are legally responsible to break confidentiality if the client is at risk of harming himself or herself or others. For example, a child in DSS custody may confide in the social worker that his or her parents have abused or neglected him or her. (more…)

October 7, 2011

Celebrity Scholarships For College

In today‚Äôs economy, almost everyone is searching for financial aid for college. A college scholarship is a wonderful way for a student to get some money for college. There are a lot of different types of scholarships available for a college bound student. Specific to the bsw or msw degree there are scholarships for social workers. Lots of other funding opportunities are also available so it’s good to research niche areas, your ethnic background and special interests. A celebrity scholarship for college is also another option.

The Alicia Keys Open Doors Scholars Program offers students $5000 for college. Students from New Orleans, Atlanta, Jacksonville and Harlem are eligible for the scholarship.. The winners of the scholarship must perform community service as well as represent the organization at the school they are attending. The Open Doors Program was started by Alicia Keys business manager, D. J. Walton. (more…)

October 3, 2011

Portland State University School Of Social Work

portland state social  work school Portland State University (PSU) is host to the only graduate social work program in Oregon, and is known for its extensive undergraduate and graduate opportunities for students interested in a combination of clinical practice, research, and involvement in the community.

The program offers a Bachelor of Social Work degree, a Master of Social Work degree, doctoral studies programs, and a degree in Child and Family Studies. Students enrolled in the undergraduate program at PSU School of Social Work can earn a B.A.S.W. to prepare graduates for entry-level social work positions or for graduate school. The generalist social work curriculum requires students to engage in academic coursework as well as work in the social work field through internship and volunteer opportunities. The Child and Family Studies undergraduate program provided by the PSU School of Social Work provides students with a foundational understanding of the family system and its interaction with children. (more…)

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