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August 22, 2011

Famous Social Workers And Change

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Social work is a very important profession full of dedicated, self-sacrificing individuals who want to help the vulnerable and improve the quality of life in society. Over the years there have been a number of famous social workers. Below we will discuss a number of these individuals, including information as to how they have helped shape and improve our society.

People we’ll discuss in this article include Richard Cloward, Harriet Barlett, Wilma Walker and Grace Coyle. There are many individuals that are noteworthy which we’ll highlight in future articles. Every local community also has some social work heroes that may not be visible but help lighten the spirit of many people. (more…)

August 16, 2011

College Scholarships For Various Ethnic Backgrounds

college scholarships ethnic groups There are several funding organizations that provide college scholarships for various ethic groups. The premise behind such programs is to give individuals from all racial groups the same opportunities for a quality college education, regardless of income, social status and nationality. You can find ethnic-specific programs for Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and various multicultural college aspirants.

In Chicago, one of the most well-know college scholarships is granted by the National Black MBA Association. The association offers scholarships and fellowships between the $1,000 to $15,000 range, for students looking to pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs. African-American students can choose from a wide variety of scholarships which are catered exclusively to them. Other scholarship programs which offer the similar opportunities are the United Negro College Fund and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. (more…)

August 10, 2011

Disability College Scholarships

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Discrimination is a lot less prevalent in the United States now, compared to the years gone by. This has led to previous opportunities opening up for people who in the past have been marginalized. One such group is the disabled; who in the past have faced issues gaining employment without a college or university education. As a result of this, special disability college scholarships have been set up, by a number of organizations, with a view to helping those with disabilities access further learning.

If you are confined to a wheelchair you may be familiar with an organization called SpinLife. SpinLife now offer scholarships which cover a four year college education. The organization is very proactive in its promotion of this scholarship. It actively encourages those in wheelchairs to attend college so that they can increase their likelihood of employment. (more…)

August 7, 2011

Social Work Ethics Training

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social work ethics training Ethics training is required for the vast majority of licensed clinical social workers in the United States. All social workers are required to adhere to the Code of Ethics, which serves as a detailed guide to how to handle both daily professional interactions as well as special situations. In order to maintain adherence to these guidelines, and to ensure social workers are aware of how to respond to situations, social work ethics training is provided as a way to address some of these issues.

Social work ethics training is also often a requirement for licensed clinical social workers, depending on the state issuing the license. Social workers often are required to fulfill certain quotas for ethics training within the licensure period. For example, licensed clinical social workers in North Carolina are required to attend 4.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units) every two years in order to maintain their licensure. (more…)

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