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May 23, 2011

May 18, 2011

Social Work Jobs With Veterans

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social work jobs veterans The veteran population is one group of people social workers often work with, often due to the high numbers of mental health and substance abuse difficulties facing veterans today. Federal social work positions are very common within the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. These social workers provide a wide variety of services, from substance abuse treatment to running groups for veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to administering counseling services to married couples who have been directly affected by combat.

Social workers also can work with homeless veterans, veterans with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), or veterans in physical rehabilitation. With the increasing numbers of veterans recently experiencing deployment and combat, the need for people interested in working with veterans has increased as well. New issues are emerging often, such as issues surrounding women in the military and families who have both parents deployed simultaneously. (more…)

May 15, 2011

Rewards As A Social Worker Through Watching Clients Grow

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rewards as a socialworker Some days as a therapist can be discouraging because there are many difficult cases which include people suffering from negative childhood memories that haunt them terribly and seeing clients that seem to get no break from unfortunate circumstances. However, when there is a moment of insight, it can elevate someone’s mood in a transformative way. This is very rewarding to see.

Last week I saw a client who has been struggling with bereavement for over two years from her mother’s death. She had a stormy relationship with her mother as a teenager and felt guilty about all the troubles she caused her mom due to her drug addiction and poor choices. Even when her mother helped rescue her through posting bail and financial help, my client said , “I still acted like a brat.” Though their relationship improved, her mother died of brain cancer when my client was just twenty seven years old. She did have some good heart to heart talks with her mom during the last month of her illness, but Kathy (my client) still felt awful about her treatment of her mother from age 15 onwards. (more…)

May 2, 2011

Teenagers And Cutting

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teenage cutting Mental health professionals use the term “cutting” to describe behavior using a sharp instrument to draw blood from your body. Usually they are surface cuts which may leave a person’s arm or leg looking striped with scars. Sometimes people may cut deeper and can cause serious bleeding and even possibly death if they cut a vein. Most cutters are teens and young adults that need counseling to help turn this behavior around.

Most cutters are depressed. They feel numb and empty. Some say they don’t feel alive. When they cut they enjoy the feeling and they may say that it makes them feel alive. Seeing the blood also gives them a sense of having something inside –not being empty. (more…)

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