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March 27, 2011

University Of Southern California Social Work School

usc social work The University of Southern California (USC) School of Social Work offers a Master of Social Work degree and a Doctoral degree in Social Work. The MSW program offers two, three, and four-year programs as options for students to complete the degree. All MSW students are expected to complete both Foundation and Concentration courses. In the Foundation year, students learn about generalist social work practice, policy, social welfare, and complete other relevant courses.

The second half of this curriculum requires that students take Concentration courses, which address students’ areas of specialty including health; mental health; work & life; families and children; and community, organization, planning, and administration (COPA). Students can also choose sub-concentrations, which include veterans’ services; older adults; public child welfare; school settings; and systems of mental illness recovery. (more…)

March 19, 2011

Social Workers And Foster Care: Tough Decisions

social workers and foster care For any social worker or human services professional, removing a child from his or her natural home and placing that child in foster care is an ethically difficult decision to make. Though foster care regulations differ from state to state, in general foster care is known as a placement for a minor in a home setting. In general, foster care is meant to be a short term place for a child to study until a more permanent arrangement can be made. In the United States, social workers make the decision to place children in foster care usually after a suspicion of abuse or neglect is substantiated.

The foster care social worker responsible for the well-being of the children must decide whether the children are better off in the home environment, possibly exposed to a degree of neglect, or in a foster home setting, which would force children to make a drastic transition and be separated from their central attachment figures. Children placed in foster care may still be under the guardianship of their parents, but are not physically living in the home with them. Kids can feel a lot of mixed emotions leaving a home with a parent where there are loving moments that alternate with some degree of abuse. (more…)

March 12, 2011

Social Work Jobs Without Counseling

social work jobs without counseling When thinking of careers within the field of Social Work, most people think this involves providing therapy or counseling. But, there are many more career options for those with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Social Work. Within Social Work programs there are often two major concentrations: micro or macro Social Work. Macro Social Work is concerned with policy, administration, program development and evaluation and community organizing. These career prospects don’t typically involve counseling clients. Micro Social Work is concerned with working with people and providing direct services, particularly counseling and therapy. There are a number of career paths in Social Work that are at the macro level.

Individuals with a Social Work background are often recruited for positions within research. As a researcher you may be helping develop new psycho-therapies, new social service programs, or researching the effectiveness of psychotropic medications. Having a Social Work background is necessary in these positions because you have an understanding of complex psychiatric diagnoses and knowledge of social service programs that are needed. Government agencies, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, and universities are often looking for Social Workers to join their research teams. (more…)

March 3, 2011

University Of Maryland School Of Social Work

university of maryland school of socia lwork The University of Maryland School of Social Work, a nationally CSWE-accredited institution in Baltimore, offers BSW, MSW, and PhD programs to its students. The University of Maryland offers undergraduate students interested in majoring or minoring in social work a great deal of support and resources. To earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the University of Maryland, including a B.A. in Social Work, students are required to complete a curriculum with a strong background in liberal arts. BSW students must take general education requirements for the first two years, and are then permitted to enroll in social work coursework for their junior and senior years. Within the social work curriculum, BSW students must take a variety of courses focusing on social welfare policy, human behavior and the social environment, research, social work practice methods, and technology in social work. Students must also complete a field assignment consisting of placement two days (16 hours) each week for the entirety of the senior year. A minor in Social Welfare is offered through the School of Social Work as well, and it requires 18 hours of credit, or 6 additional classes through the social work department.

The MSW program offered by the University of Maryland School of Social Work is divided between Foundation courses and Concentration courses. The Foundation courses are meant to educate students on the generalist social work practice, while Concentration courses allow students to become more specialized in either Clinical Practice or Community Organization. Students also choose a specialization, including Aging, Families and Children, Health, Mental Health, and Social Action and Community Development. Sub-specializations are also offered and include Employee Assistance Programs, Child, Adolescent, and Family Health, and Substance Abuse. The Advanced Standing option, a one-year program, is also offered for students with a Bachelor’s of Social Work degree. (more…)

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