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April 16, 2009

Social Worker Skills: Tips for Stress Reduction

One of the social worker skills that I learned from yoga and meditation classes involved helping clients relax by using a slow calming breath that helps centering. I think this an essential skill to bring into sessions for anger management, family counseling , adhd problems and lots of areas. It can stop stress from escalating and creating a domino effect. (more…)

April 14, 2009

Social Work Licensing Exam Test

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My friend is taking the social work licensing exam test again next week. She failed it the first time by 2 points. OUCH. The advice she had from someone was to not over think things. Because she had worked for a few years in a mental health clinic before getting her degree, she has a lot of experience and brings more to the questions than they assume. Unfortunately, this can work against you when you are taking the exam to get the social work license! If she doesn’t pass this time, she said she’ll get an online licensing prep course or buy some dvds to study. I took a prep class in Florida in 1999 when I moved here. At that time you also had to pass the Florida Laws and Rules exam too. I took a separate class for that. Happily, I did pass each test first time.

Shortly after I passed the Florida Laws and Rules, they did eliminate that test though! I remember when I took the licensing exam test on the computer that I did some breathing exercises to help me both with focus and to stay balanced. Do a little stretching, walking , breathing or meditation that morning. Also, listen to something calming in the car ride. The multiple choice questions I found that were hard were the ones that gave you the option of answer b or answer b, c and d. You know one is right for sure. Are the other ones though partially right or relevant? You can find some bargains here if there is no local class in your area to prepare for the sw licensing exam. Also I’ve found therapy books that I’ve liked here at low prices. The favorite ones I like now are “My Stroke of Insight” and “Loving What Is” as well as “The Untethered Soul”.

Social Work and the Economy

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Mental health counselors including social workers, marriage and family counselors and licensed mental health counselors are expected to do well no matter what happens in the economy. Health care is something that is always needed and this also pertains to psychological issues. There is a lot of stress in our society and this is visible in the violence we see in the news daily after someone loses their job or has lost a relationship. We need to be able to bring healthier coping strategies into society and pass these on to people.

Sadly, there seems to be a lot more incidents of violence in the school system. This may be due in part to economic pressures though often they involve a romantic situation and self-esteem issue too. Social workers for crisis situation are needed more than ever now and are often brought in to situations so those who know the victims can process their emotions.

April 11, 2009

Welcome to Social Work Programs

Hi Everyone,

I’m a licensed social worker in Florida (LCSW) and I also am a certified yoga and meditation teacher. Originally I received my clinical social work degree from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. It was a wonderful place to live and there was some very interesting courses I took that looked at human motivation and counseling techniques.

The blog is to discuss various social work programs, online courses, continuing ed classes and various issues that come up in the field. By the way, if you are in Florida , March 31, 2009 was the renewal date for┬ámost licensed social workers. If you’ve missed it, contact the Florida Board as you still can renew your license. You also were required to get 30 continuing education credits in order to renew the license as well.

I have a strong interest in ways of incorporating meditation, simple breathing techniques and yoga into client work and hope to get into this as well in the blog.

If you are a student, you can save on some books below or find licensing review courses at discounts:

Also if you are job hunting, do not let it get you too stressed out. The economy is not good now, but health care including mental health is an important priority now.

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